Turn your ideas into maintainable software that scales with your business.

We guide our clients through their digital transformation by providing competent and dedicated teams that can tackle the whole process from idea to reality.

Our secret sauce is the focus and attention to the small details that make a software team great. We take huge pride in recruiting amazing talents and retain them for a long period of time while also putting a great emphasis on building a culture based on collaboration, trust and curiosity.

We carefully hand pick full time developers who are willing to commit to our mission to build better products and services for our clients in a cost efficient and collaborative way.

Most of our clients love to work with us because

  • We listen to their business needs
  • We understand how to build great products and services
  • We are a cost effective addition to their existing team
  • We constantly challenge ourselves to learn new things and keep our clients in the loop

How we are different

We strive to build stable technology with beautiful interfaces that merge to become delightful experiences for our clients and their users.

REPLIQ is an attractive workplace that puts a strong emphasis on using a proven technology stack together with enabling a new generation of developers to grow in a great work environment and to learn and experiment among like minded people.

Our clients

Most of our clients are based in the Nordics but we also have a few clients in South Asia that are building businesses that reach millions of people every day.